006: The Path to Creating Great Work? Create a Lot of Crappy Work First

Content is so obvious, so often. Useless. No value. Yet, others are touched, amazed, impacted, and inspired by the most obvious truth of content consumed.

Different people, perspectives, and points in their content journey:

  • Sparks interest
  • Generates surprise reaction
  • Feels compelled to share message 

Challenge of crappy vs. quality content: 

  • Practice creating and sharing content
  • Publish all content – good, bad, or dumb
  • Stimulate engagement and discussion 

If you forget how much fun you have creating content, it becomes work. It’s not so fun anymore.

Acknowledge, honor, and appreciate your knowledge and expertise with something that needs to be taught, valued, and shared.

Reasons why you’re driven toward or away from your passion:

  • Decisions are important and matter
  • Cynicism leads to naive and childish decisions
  • Continue to grow, but never grow old in your field and skills
  • Extreme changes motivated by wrong stimulants and ideas 

Mastering one’s self is definitely difficult. Find a way to recommit to growing and maintaining your passion! 

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