016: Ambitious Entrepreneur? Level up 2020 With My Gratitude Tracker

If you’re the kind of ambitious person that’s always looking ahead, there might be one thing you can do to grow even more: reflect on your successes and count your blessings. 

In today’s episode, I share how I train my brain to be grateful for the good in my life—both profesionally and personally. 

I’ve never been good at celebrating my successes. Whenever I achieve a goal, I always move the goalpost further away. My inner voice always just tells me: “Okay, on to the next one.”

When I was younger, I thought that’s a good thing. But in recent years, I realized that I missed out on an important element of life. Which is why I started building a daily routine and practice around it, that’s had a huge impact on my life, and the life of the people I share it with.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing it with you too. Put this into practice in 2020, and if it has even half the impact it has on you that it had on me, it’ll make your life so much richer and more fulfilling.

Give yourself a moment to be grateful for all the good that 2019 has offered you, and allow yourself to be excited for what’s ahead in 2020.

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