001: This Podcast Shall not be another “To Do” Item

Welcome to the first episode of The Steli Efti Podcast. Steli is the co-founder/CEO of Close.io, startup/entrepreneur advisor, and author of The Ultimate Startup Guide To Outbound Sales.

Once again, Hiten Shah, is by Steli’s side to offer support and content. Hiten has successfully started two SaaS companies, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. He’s also an advisor and investor.

If you tuned in to listen to Steli and Hiten talk about the business world, that’s a different podcast. The Steli Efti Podcast focuses on other topics he’s passionate about and stories he wants to share.

Show Notes:

  • Podcast Purpose: Outlet to create and share different types of content and wisdom.
  • Top Priority/Goal: Needs to be fun; not a “To Do” item.
  • Lessons Learned and Results: Why are you listening? What are you getting from it?
  • What to (Possibly) Expect:
    • Interviews with people that Steli’s been wanting to talk to and learn from
    • Short episodes to share a moment of inspiration or insight
    • Extended format to go into detail on topics
    • Question-and-Answer sessions

3 Key Points:

  • Create different types of content, and share different types of wisdom.
  • Do something without the pressure or responsibility to accomplish something.
  • All work and no play…focus more on fun, than work and business.

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