What people say about my work

Here’s what people said about my work and the impact it had on them:

“After being 4 years on the market, we were marked by Forbes magazine as the 3rd most dynamic company in Eastern Slovakia, where we come from.
I believe we wouldn´t be able to achieve this if I hadn´t come across your blog in the past. I have found so much valuable advice there.”

Viktor Sučka, SWIDA Innovative

“We’re a customer messaging and engagement platform in the beauty and wellness segment and following Close’s blog posts, videos, and ebooks helped us grow our startup tremendously!”

Suchit Suman, Co-Founder at Foore

“I just won a new investor client thanks to Steli’s follow-up advice. 9 ½ months, 28 e-mails and I don’t know how many calls and messages, but it’s a €100,000 starting ticket that was well worth the effort. “

Marko Rant, Director, Borza Terjatev

My life changed after I started implementing your follow-up advice.

The only thing that can make me stop following up is my prospect.

Today I closed a deal that started 5 months ago. 32 touchpoints, including e-mail, whatsapp, and phone-calls.

In the past, I’d have stopped following up long ago (and lost the deal). Thanks to the follow-up, I finally got a response: They had a crisis at their company and froze all partnerships. Once the crisis was resolved, I was there—at the right time, and closed the deal.

I won at least 15% more deals just by putting your follow-up advice into action.”

Thiago Dantas, Head of Sales, Vulpi

Hey Steli!
Just followed up on your Microconf tactics and forced the close after two people said my product was interesting during the sunset drinks.
Said Steli required me to immediately plan the onboarding call. So we pulled out agendas and scheduled them 😉
Thanks and see you next Microconf! 💪🏻

– Wouter van Lent, Founder of Bolstat.com
Wouter van Lent, Founder of Bolstat.com