8 – 12 Dec 2014: Lean Startup Conference

Very excited to be speaking among the likes of Eric Ries, Tim O’Reilly, Ben Horowitz, Robert Sutton, and many other amazing people.

Meet me Dec 8 – 12 in San Francisco, CA

Here’s what I will be talking about:

Will They Buy It?

After doing customer development, you’ve learned that your target market absolutely loves your new product idea. But will they buy it? How to get an answer without turning off your interviewees.

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6 Nov 2014: Sales Hacker Conference

I’ll be speaking at Sales Hacker Conference again.

Nov 6 in San Francisco, CA (Read more)

20% discount if you use the promo-code CLOSEIO

The 10 deadly startup sales mistakes & how to avoid them

These are the most common sales mistakes I see founders committing again and again – and they’re responsible for many startup failures that could otherwise have turned into successes.

The good news: they can easily be avoided if you just know how – without having to read a dozen books on sales, visiting courses and webinars.

It’s going to be an awesome event for people in sales – just look at the speaker lineup!


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29 Oct 2014: Pioneers Festival

I’ll be speaking at Pioneers Festival again. If you can make it to Vienna, come to meet me there, it’s a great event :-)

Oct 29  in Vienna, Austria (Read more)

Hustle Hard!

You might have seen my talk at Pioneers Festival 2013 – I loved the event, the people and the atmosphere – thus, I’m extremely excited to be invited again.

Steli will teach you the formula to get your hustle game to the next level and get things done others wouldn’t dare to attempt.

He will share inspirational and educational hustle tactics you can learn from Thai fruit sales ladies, hip hop moguls & newborn babies. Warning: Only attend this keynote if you’re ready leave your comfort zone and hustle harder then you’ve ever done before!

22 Oct 2014: Bundesverband deutsche Startups e.V. (German)

Bundesverband deutsche Startups e.V. (German)

Oct 22, Fellbach, Germany

Talk und Q&A

Der Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V. lädt ein nach Fellbach zu einem spannenden kurzen Talk und Austausch mit Steli Efti. Steli, ehemals aus Esslingen, ist mittlerweile erfolgreich mit close.io im Silicon Valley tätig. Seine (Sales-) Erfahrungen sind ein extrem wertvoller Schatz für junge Unternehmer(innen) und Du bist herzlich eingeladen!

11 Nov 2014: Sales 4 Startups

Meet me Nov 11 in Palo Alto, CA at this awesome organized by Sales4StartUps.

Getting Sales and Marketing Traction for Startups

5:45pm-6:30pm Networking and Drinks

6:30pm- Intro by Jorge Soto, Founder at Sales4StartUps and Head of Inside Sales for MoPub team at Twitter.

6:35pm-7:05pm Justin Mares, Co-Author of Traction Book on How to Generate Traction for your Early Stage Startup

7:10pm-7:40pm Q&A Room Discussion Panel with Jorge SotoJustin MaresSteli Efti — Moderated by Bennett Phillips

7:45pm-8:15pm Steli Efti, Founder and CEO at Close.io and Author of The Ultimate Startup Guide To Outbound Sales! on Inbound and Outbound Sales

8:15pm-845pm Sales Lab Discussion with Bennett Phillips Co-Founder at Sales4StartUps on Identifying Buying Signals


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