My Full Body Meditation

About a year ago I had my first therapeutic MDMA session, and one of the biggest gifts that stayed with me is a type of meditation. This is the first time that I talk about this meditation and what it has done for me—and while I found it challenging to articulate this in detail, what does come through in this conversation is how immensely valuable it is.

Album mentioned in this episode: Music for Mushrooms by East Forest

[00:00:00] today after it’s been a long time that I have done a full, deep body meditation, you know, when I laid down and sometimes for an hour or so, I listened to a very specific kind of tunes I’m just like in my body. And oftentimes in those states I go places, Things happen.
There’s lucid dreaming going on. There are visions. There’s clarity. And I had a call with my mom. That was a two and a half hour. Intense conversation. And I was tired even before the conversation with her. Which was great.
But I could just feel at the end of the convo, my throat was hurting.
I was just exhausted, and then I thought, all right, what do I want right now? And I thought, I, I need to lay down and meditate.
I feel refreshed. in a way that I couldn’t find refreshment through sleep, through reading, the walking, through working out, it’s the sort of cleansing letting go of certain things or processing certain things in a [00:01:00] more body focused way than a mind focused way.
And it just felt great. I didn’t have like one big moment. Sometimes I do where I had like one big vision or something that clarifies, but in the beginning was very interesting because I had these lucid dreams and there were these after the fact, half a beat too late, I would come out of Almost like a mini dream where something played out, some dialogue, some people, something was, there was some moments, something happening and it would come out of it. And I would be divided by the feeling of both just happen, was really important. And don’t try. To catch it. Like, don’t try it because I couldn’t remember it fully.
Don’t try to go there. Just let it go. Yeah. You know, whatever it is, you, whatever your body and mind just did, it was good. You can tell it was good, but you can’t access it to just let it go. just keep focusing on the body. But at a few of these where my mind would be kind of lost in a mini dream and I knew.
Something profound just happened. This, whatever. I saw something, I experienced something and it was [00:02:00] good and important. And I don’t know what it is. It’s so close, but it’s in the other room, I can’t quite see it from here. And then I would go, okay, just let it go. Just relax. and then there’s different things that popped up ideas, feelings, thoughts.
but it came out of it. I Felt really, really good.

what are the, like, how exactly do you do this body meditation? Do you have like specific steps? What’s part of the routine there?
There’s not that many steps. I usually I lay on the bed. Oh yeah. Well, there is a little bit to it, right.
So I think what I’m doing, I don’t know exactly. This all happened and very naturally without thinking about it too much. But I think my first MDMA therapy session was a really profound experience. Right. And it was this me laying in bed and there was the cover over me and I would lay there kind of very straight, and it had ha have headphones on and listened to this music.
And there was a distinct feeling during that first session. We’ve talked about this before many times of [00:03:00] this like incredible warmth that I felt, and that warmth was kind of translating to love for me. And so I do the same thing. I go under the cover
and I put on headphones and there are a few playlist there’s one album, that it’s actually even I think I shared it with you once before, but it’s basically music for psychedelic experiences or something like that.
And it’s an album. What is it called? Music for mushrooms, right. East forest. And this whole album is very. Kind of nature sounds very gentle melodies and it’s very space like spaced out and very soft and gentle and very I don’t know, being in nature of some sort. So I often listened to songs on that album.
Like these tracks on this album, or like 20 minutes each or something 30 minutes. I have very long. Sometimes I listen to that. Sometimes I listen to some other. Playlist, but they’re all usually very kind of gentle [00:04:00] soft minimalist music. It’s not, it’s not hardcore electronic party music.
And then I just, I, the only thing I do is I lay there. I play a song, usually I intuitively know. What I want, sometimes I’ll lay there, click on a song and I’ll go, no click on the next track. I’m like, no. And then when I find it, I just, it feels, I feel it. I just go, yes, this is what I need right now. And then I lay down, I close my eyes, I don’t move.
And I just, I don’t even focus on my breathing. I just focus on my whole body. It’s sort of a feeling all of my body all at once. Like a whole, I don’t know, like a focus on the entirety of my body, uh, versus one part. It’s not my chest. It’s not my breathing. It’s my heart. It’s not my head. It’s not any [00:05:00] particular part.
It’s just, I feel my whole body and I hold my body in present attention at once.
Okay. And then I just feel, and oftentimes in the beginning often it’s just a certain calmness, the waves over me. And oftentimes after sometimes five to 10 minutes, sometimes within a minute, like today I lay. After I laid down, I started playing the music.
I closed my eyes and I would say within 30 seconds I was lucid dreaming. Like I was, things were happening, you know? And sometimes, especially when it’s a shorter session, it might just be like feeling the body and feeling calm and just relaxing [00:06:00] and that’s more or less all of it.
but oftentimes my mind and body go places and I have visions or I have realizations,
or in many of these sessions, I had intense moments of crying where for a day or two or three, I’d be in this weird mood.
And I could tell something. It’s bothering me. There’s some, there’s a mood. I can shake this something. I can’t quite put my finger on.
And then it would lay down and put on the music. And 20 minutes into it, there’d be this thought, this memory, this moment pop up and I would go, oh shit. And I would just start crying.
And then to the fact that it would be obvious to me, I’d be like, oh wow. I was caring. There was a certain sadness or hurt. Something that happened a couple of days ago that reminded me of something that I’ve never really processed and now it came out. But, , that’s it.
And I just usually lay there [00:07:00] until I know that I’m good.
Like until my intuition tells me all right, this is it. This was it. This was good. Now it’s time to get up.
dude, it’s insane. Like when, so two years back before, maybe more before, but before this whole, like, you know, work things started. When was the last time that you cried?
Uh, never.
No. Yeah, I never, I never, like, I mean, I cried as a, as a child. Um, but since I’ve been a teenager, I don’t think I have a cried and for sure in the last two years, I mean, I didn’t cry today, but like for the law in the last two years or in the last year, let’s see, , I I’ve cried in these kinds of body meditations. I would say maybe four [00:08:00] times. And I cried in front of friends in broad daylight, in a coffee shop with lots of strangers, which is like unthinkable, right after that, I remember telling you that I pinged my mother. In my ex-wife and I asked if they ever seen me cry.
They both were like, are you crazy? No. And then I thought, I do think this is the first time I’ve cried in front of other people. so yeah, no, like it depends on your measurement five times in a year is doesn’t seem that insane to me or that much. But if you consider, 27 years of zero, and then, five times in like, 12 months or something.
That’s quite an increase. Yeah, for sure.
Feelings turning us into pussies.
Yeah. I mean, me, I have shut that down. I haven’t heard you say you cried or seen you crying, so it might be just me, but, I don’t know the thing, this, this, like what, what I call body meditation. It’s really, I don’t know, [00:09:00] It’s not a particular kind of meditation. It’s just laying on the bed feeling your whole body and listening to something right. Listening to some music.
But this might be the biggest gift that, that first MDMA therapy session has given me.
And that gate opening that gate. And I can access that. Yeah. And this has never been discussed. it was never a thing. Hey, now that you’ve experienced this, maybe at other times, when you feel a little weird, just lay down, just follow the same or similar protocol. Let’s see if you can access that.
Nobody ever told me that. I never thought that I never saw it. Let me try to recreate that. I think just a couple of days later, at some point I was thinking, I just want to lay down. Maybe I’ll listen to something, you know, kind of like very unconsciously I’ve used that and because it worked so well, I kept doing it.
I’ve been doing it quite a lot. It’s not like a daily habit. , I [00:10:00] had times in Greece where I stayed in Greece for a month, I was doing it. Probably five days a week for months. , but I think in the last three months, maybe I’ve done this once or twice every other week. Right. So it’s not like I don’t, I do it quite frequently, but I don’t do it like daily or something.
but it’s such a gift it’s I don’t know. It’s helps me access.
It’s almost the counterbalance to my over-analyzing overthinking brain where whenever whatever my thoughts or feelings get too much. And I can’t fully just process them on a cognitive level when I fully am embodied in my body.
Completely present it just helps me process certain things. or experience myself in a different way. It’s really, it’s been really enriching. That’s the best way I can say it’s really been enriching.
And today now after the fact, I can say that [00:11:00] I feel that I had a lot, that was bottled up and I couldn’t quite find a release for it or a way to access it.

And then I think the conversation with my mother amplified some of that. I think that’s where the exhaustion came from. It was a good conversation. But I experiences as also intense, which means I was probably tense it part in parts. And so, , thank fucking God for, for that body meditation, because if I didn’t have had that.
I wouldn’t be able to talk to you right now. Like I would have been so destroyed, just so exhausted and tired, and it would have placed me in a weird place. And that would not bode well for how my weekend would start tomorrow. Right. It’s just like would put me in a weird place.
but I the literally, like I was out there sweating all day long in the sun, in the dirt. And I took a really long clean shower and I’m like, [00:12:00] Ooh, that feels good. This is what I was missing this entire week. I was sticky in smelly and it was just like, can’t find a way to feel good in my skin. And now I’m like, oh, alright, this is not that bad. I feel good. Yeah. Yeah.

How do you, so when you, when you do the meditation, how do you get out of it? Do you just like, no. How can it sit? And you just,
I just don’t know. Yes. This is the thing I think.
As I’m trying to understand this better. This is very different from anything I’ve ever done before. And I’ve meditated before. Right? For many years, I’ve been meditating. I’ve done hypnosis. Right? I like, I did a lot of hypnosis myself and I was listening to hypnosis tapes. And this is very different from both of these experiences, from these different it’s very different.
And I think, for whatever reason I’m able to access. I am able to be [00:13:00] fully embodied. And that is a very distinct modality mode of being when I was meditating. When I would meditate, I would try to, I could do these different exercises, righteous, either focus on my breathing or, you know, scan like when you do the body scan meditation, where you just scan through, you know, big toes, your legs, your different body parts.
You can do a walking meditation, right? Where like every step you’re trying to be fully present for the movement or do an embodied presence, meditation where you imagine being a tree or no, whatever in all of these, although the focus was for me to not be in the mind, it was, it was me using the mind not to be in it.
You know what I mean? Like it was still. Like my, my mind would still be active with thoughts and then I would go, my mind would go, oh, let those thoughts [00:14:00] go focus back on the breathing, breathe in, breathe out. But it was, if I had to say where the center of energy was, it would still have been my mind. And the mind is basically saying quiet down or focus on the chest and breathing or do this or do that.
But it was still my mind. Yeah. Um, same thing in hypnosis. I mean, gnosis, I wouldn’t have, I would listen to words that I could feel a stimulating my mind and making me feel a certain way or change my state of being, but it was very in the mind if I had to allocate where the action is happening. Yeah. And this is different because it’s, I do.
See things like I do have sometimes these either lucid dreams or visions, or have these moments that pop up. But, but if I, you know, if I had to say, where is this happening? It’s in my body. It’s not in my mind. It’s my body giving me these ideas or thoughts or visions. It’s not my mind. That’s generating [00:15:00] them, you know, in some weird way.
I don’t know how to explain this. And so it feels. Completely different enhance it. Doesn’t come with that kind of a manual that I would use if it was a mind driven thing where I would set a timer, for instance, let’s lay down and do this for 30 minutes or 10 minutes. So 20 minutes, or once I feel like oftentimes in meditation, we’ll do this exercise where we’d say once I want to get out of.
The meditation practice. I will hold on, hold peace and wait a little longer and ask myself who is it that wants to get out right now. Right? Is it when I would meditate? And my thought would be all right enough. I think I’m good. I would go wait a little long and see what happens. You know, but with this, I have the, like when I start, I don’t even think how long this will take [00:16:00] when I start, I just start and I just trust my body and I just go into my body and focus and feel my body.
And then it, usually at some point I have this, it’s an intuition within the body, a signal that says we’re good now. Like, this was good. This is, this was it. And then I just opened my eyes and usually went out my, as I’m really like refreshed and I can feel like, yeah, all right, I’m ready. This was good. I’m out of the shower now I’m clean.
Let’s put on some clothes. Let’s do stuff. I feel good. and I’ve done this. I think the longest session I’ve ever done was one hour in, Like one hour and 50 minutes or something like almost two hours. Yeah. That’s a long fucking time. Yeah. And I’ve done many sessions that have been an hour, an hour is easy.
If you told me, like I’ve had, I’ve listened to many guided meditations as well, [00:17:00] an hour. Yeah. It’s fucking dead. Fucking long. I remember in San Francisco, I would go to these, to this like Buddhist. How’s temple and they D do this, like these meditation sessions on Friday, and you would just sit there and that will be a beautifully guided one hour meditation.
It was torture during the last 20 minutes for me, torture. I’ve never been able to do something this long, but for whatever reason, this is so simple. It’s not even intimidating. Like when I think about it, I don’t even go, oh my God, do I have the time? I just like, I don’t even think about how long it’s going to take.
I’m just laying there and I’m just go lb, whatever it will be. I dunno. it’s a huge gift. I just, I’ve never talked about this. I’ve many of our conversations in a good amount of our recordings. There’s a dark archive one day, maybe we’ll, we’ll you know, give access to it, which is like the unpublished episodes.
But this is, this is my, like my retirement fund, the case in case you ever die, you know, I’ll pull [00:18:00] it all these unpublished recordings, and this is just gotta be your peak fame. You’re going to have like, Five years of work and then just like Kafka, you’re going to release all these like books and audio tips, and it’s going to be a huge thing and you’re going to get rich and famous, you know, and I’m going to be dead.
No, you’re going to get more famous, but I’m going to get rid of you. You’re going to get rid of, there you go. ,
But in many of these sessions or many of our recordings were a direct result of a session like that, where I would tell you, I just did a body meditation and blah, blah, blah came up.
Right. But I’ve never, we’ve never talked about it. And as a thing, and I just now realize talking to you about this. Wow. This is one of the big, incredible gifts that I’ve received. This is so valuable and so beautiful and also very new and different from things that I had experienced before. And I never kind of have [00:19:00] never recognized it.
I never stopped to think, huh? What I’m doing here is kind of unique and special and it started with. That first session. And now I have it in my life. It’s a thing that I can use an access. I never thought about it. But now that I’m thinking about it thinking, fuck, you know, this is, I’m really grateful.
This is really incredible.
And in the. Time, like, after let’s say that kind of whatever, you know? So you do the buddied meditation and then the rest of the day after that, is there anything that you do or not to, or is it just like, you’re just so connected with yourself that you kind of by default do what what’s just go with that.
I can’t even tell you. Because it has produced very different results at very different times. the one time that I did cry in public the next day, I in the body meditation [00:20:00] out of nowhere, a memory popped up again, me in a situation with my family and. It was a very kind of ordinary situation as going to a bakery on a Sunday morning to have brunch together.
Right. My ex wife and my two kids. But as that vision popped up, I didn’t just see how it was walking to the bakery and like how we were hanging out there. I, for the first time maybe ever fully inclusively felt. The shame and the pain I was carrying with me because I was so unhappy. And one of the reasons we would go to this bakery on Sunday mornings was that we were so lost on the weekends.
We were so unhappy. We just try to fill the time with something. And so I remember us going there, but we didn’t go there because I mean, we liked the food there, but it was also just trying to desperately fill the day a little bit. Because when we were just at home, just the two of us and the kids, we would have a [00:21:00] great time when we were playing with the kids.
But when the clits were kind of doing their own thing, it was just very hard to. Not have a misery look us in the face, like just, it was very hard to distract ourselves. And so in that body meditation, I saw that moment of walking to the bakery and I felt the dread and pain and shame and hurt I was feeling during those days.
And it just exploded out of me. Right. I just started crying like crazy. And it felt almost like the, all the pain of that relationship was really like was releasing itself and being felt because I was very much trying to suppress all that during the time trying to be functioning. Right. And when I came out of that session, I thought.
I’m surely should be feeling great now, like it’s out of my system. Right. But I felt horrible, just horrible. And the, and, and I was in such a bad place. You [00:22:00] know, when my friends were talking to me and things were happening, I, everything was overwhelming me and I eventually had to leave the place and go on a long walk and then it came home and I got it, like was hiding in my room.
And I thought maybe I should listen to the same song again and try to like cry some more. I dunno, you know, something has to happen because I feel so tired, terrible, and I couldn’t shake it off till late in the night fell asleep. It was just miserable. And I woke up and I felt miserable. I’m like, oh God, what is this?
This isn’t fun. And then we had to leave the apartment. We went to some place to breakfast and when my two friends asked me, Hey, how are you doing? You know, what was up with you yesterday at the split second of a decision to make. If I tell them the truth, now I’m going to cry. I won’t be able to stop it.
Why could just say I’m okay. And then I thought, oh, fuck it. Fuck it. Let’s just say it. And I [00:23:00] went, well, I was not in a good place yesterday. They’re like, oh, really? What happened? I might as well, it was doing this body meditation and then this thing. And then as I start telling them, Yeah, I just couldn’t stop it.
She just started crying in the middle of the fucking day and I would, you know, I would, I would love to see their faces, especially, especially Sophia. I mean, both of them were I think both of them were kind of mad, you know? Yeah. But still, I would love to see that initial moment where his brain is like, what what’s the fuck is happening.
Yeah. You know, that was it like, that was it. I cried, we talked and then I felt a million times better. It was kind of, I felt lighter. And then I w I remember going on a quick walk on my own and just a number of things that it was battling within my mind. Just like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Everything was falling into place at this level of clarity.
I felt clean. I felt good. And it was like, [00:24:00] That I have to cry in front of people. Like how, why is that a thing? Like, why did this help? It didn’t help when I was crying on my own. I’m not sure I didn’t overanalyze, but that was one experience. Right. And then there’ve been many like today, for instance, I just opened my eyes and I was just, all right, I’m back.
I’m fresh. I have energy. I feel good. Fuck. Yes. And I went on a little walk along the river and I, and then I came back to have this conversation with you. And anything in between, like I’ve had very productive days. I had days where after that body meditation session, you know, I don’t know. I, I, there was no big difference.
Sometimes I have not always been able to go places at sometimes I. Well, I can remember one session where I was laying there. Then after 15 minutes, I thought I didn’t get, I didn’t get fully into it, but it’s fine. Like it wasn’t [00:25:00] supposed to be today. I’ll try again tomorrow. so there’s no, there’s no real clear pattern here that I can point to, but.
I know that it’s a kind of a unique space and time that I create when I do that. it is, I don’t know, almost like a vacation. For my mind, but it’s also an invitation from my body and soul. I know this sounds a bit dramatic, but that’s how I would describe it. Like it’s, I don’t know. It’s inviting myself to feel and process life on and in a different state.
In a diff it’s not even a state in a different, using a different tool, which isn’t that sense actually, my body versus my mind. Yeah. And the buddy doesn’t judge doesn’t analyze. Right. It’s just in a way experiencing the cool thing is that I, I have the sense that my body just [00:26:00] does things then. Right. It’s just, it just knows.
And it might be that it creates feelings or feels feelings. It might be at times that it.
Like today, we today, my first, the first kind of two or three, like micro dreams that I had, I felt like my body quickly has to play out a scenario or process something that happened, but I’m not quite ready yet. Or maybe now’s not the time for me to consciously. Participate, right. It was almost like a going to the other room.
We’ll clean up here a little bit, you know, and I don’t know in a weird way, that’s the way I would describe it. So my body does things to my mind. I mean, my mind is part of my body, but it’s, I don’t know. It’s almost like a cha inviting my body to take over and trusting it. And sometimes it just relaxes me and sometimes it makes me cry.
And whatever, like, you know, it’s if you take the father and mother energy [00:27:00] metaphor, you want to apply it to this. Just as an idea, if the mind is kind of the father it’s analyzing everything and the body’s kind of the mother that’s nurturing life giving, then it’s almost, yeah, it is an experience of visiting mother.
Like it’s an experience of. Getting into a state where I’m, I’m being taken care of. I don’t have to take care of anything. I don’t have to think of solve and things are being done to me that are always good. Sometimes not pleasant, but just always good. You know, it was good for me. It’s a taking care of myself in a very deep, very satisfying way that.
I’m surrendering to and trusting too, right? If I was a religious person, this could, this would be a religious experience of sorts. but it’s not, I don’t have a concept of that. I just know that it’s good. [00:28:00] It’s very, very good.
And still it made me think of one Thailand trip where I was like really into time massage. And then, I would like get every day, a three hour time massage. For six weeks, which when I say it now, it’s, it’s saying, how did they, I have all this fucking time, two weeks into that, I got into this kind of like where you say there’s a kind of lucid dreams and, kind of the whole feeling, the whole body and being kind of detached from the.
it’s almost like, when there’s the spaceship and then like, um, how do you say that? Decoupled from the other thing. And it’s just kind of like floating without that other thing. Um, I’m like a rocket scientist, you know, what’s funny, you know, what’s funny is that I know exactly what you mean. I’ve watched the same whatever star Trek that you watched or whatever.
So I know what you mean and I could not describe it significantly more sophisticated. So I’m with you, uh, but [00:29:00] it sounds really read or you should share that with Alex also at some point, like, Hey, this thing is something I got during that first session.
And it’s still with me. Yeah. I mean maybe if we. We publish what we just discussed. If we publish this, then I’ll just send him this episode. But I feel this is, hard to access if I heard somebody describe it the way I’ve described it in our conversation. Three years ago. I’m not certain I would have been able to grasp it. Right. And I think I grasp it. Yeah. And I think if somebody would have told me, just do this, I would’ve done the steps.
I would’ve done this. Would have done the steps, but I think it would have still been a mind centered experience. I cannot tell somebody how to center on the body. Like, I don’t know, sort of happened during my session with [00:30:00] Alex and now I’m able to access it, but don’t ask me how, or don’t ask me to. Even attempt to replicate this, give this as a gift to somebody else and tell them, just do this and then you’ll have the same experience.
It’s kind of, um, yeah, and it, like, I could even sense it. Like when I, when I ask you some of the questions and you’re like, oh, there was a power of you, even when your voice would say, yeah, it can try to somehow answer your question, but that’s not really going to be the answer. Right.
This is one of those times where, you know, very, you know, exactly what’s up like how something feels and you can describe it precisely from your.
Memory and experience, but you know that for the other person, something completely different will arrive. Like it’s just, I [00:31:00] know that what I’m sending over is doesn’t have what it would take for you to know. I don’t have words that can make you access this or totally understand it. And so there’s a, there’s a bit of a.
That’s a bummer that I cannot find the words to really share. Um, but it’s also part of the game. It’s, you know, part of the beauty of it may be, or the, the, the, the type of gift this is to me is that this would have been impossible for me to experience. And now it’s, it’s there and accessible and so valuable.
But it’s not a three easy steps to this new method of whatever. Like it’s not something I can package up and sell or share or gift or teach. Not even, this is not something that I can teach. It’s just for me, it’s just, I not to say that I’m the only one that has this. I’m sure. There’s like, Or kinds of experiences people have.
And some [00:32:00] that may be the exact same or very similar, but this thing is just like something that I had now have, I don’t know exactly. I’m just glad I haven’t. But I’m not sure I can, I can share it or give it to others in some, some way, at least not with tools of the spoken word
that being said, If anyone is listening in, like interested in curious about this, we are doing this one month retreat.
Yeah, you can, you can plays a deficit and you know, it’s not something that silly can teach, but he can help you access it and experience it. On top of it, you’re going to have to place a deposit and not a deposit because deposit is sort of like a net position, which is very different from a deposit. But, uh, yeah, it’s just 25 K to save your spot and then another 125.
Once we have successfully body meditated you to this [00:33:00] different place, that’d be funny. Yeah. This, you know what, if we publish this, I’d be interested. If this is completely what we would call in Greece, a hole in the water, you know, when you just poke with your finger, a hole in the water, just like you’ve done nothing.
Like this is exactly. Zero effect, which you just did a hole, a hole in the water. Like what’s the point or just be a thing in Greece. Yeah, it shouldn’t. maybe, now we’ll make it something beyond that, but I wonder if this is just complete, throw it, just flying above. Or below people’s heads and bodies.
And it’s just like, I don’t know what I listened to, but it was sort of thing about a meditation that can be explained. I don’t know the point is, or if there’s like bots that have nothing to do, but everything to do with what we just described. It’s like, somebody is thinking, when did I cry last time? I don’t know, or shit.
I did like meditating. Maybe I should try this again. Or if anyone will reach out and go, I have the same thing and I call it the voodoo meditation. And [00:34:00] this is how it works for me. I’m curious. I, if I was a betting man, my bets would be placed more on the first and second possibility then on the third, but the whole empanada you’d never know.
It’s a lot of, I think this is a lot of holding the water for a lot of people, but Hey, you got them. Not for us, not for us. And that’s the beautiful thing. I, this recording and conversation was a huge gift for me because I have never thought about it and I’ll continue. I don’t think I will. And that’s a nice thing.
I’m glad about that. I think I’m okay. In a piece with it being what it is. Like, I don’t want to improve it or change it and I don’t want to catch it. You know what I mean? Like I don’t want to. Yeah. Dissected. I don’t want to analyze it. I don’t want to own this. I don’t care.

The only thing that I think this conversation has done for me is make me even more grateful for it.
So for sure. [00:35:00] The next couple of sessions that I’ll do, I’ll have an extra wiggle and smile and go, whoa, I’m so glad. Glad I’m so thankful for this things that this exists for me. And that’s that it itself is, is dope.
Beautiful. And then let’s certainly publish this. I don’t know what this is, but okay. This was, this was great. And this is, you know, too, you should cut this in.
One of the reasons why I’m doing this podcast with you. Not with anybody else is that, I mean, there are many reasons, many good reasons. There are lots of reasons that are unexplainable, questionable, very questionable. But one thing is that this conversation that we just had, I could have not have had with anyone else, because nobody knows me well enough.
And is the sort of intuitive, interested, curious, intellectual, weird person that you are too. Ask the questions that you asked that led us down this path. And so I’m very grateful for you. And this was a great conversation where you gifted [00:36:00] me something through the questions that you asked. Thanks. I’m glad, dude, I get so much out of these, out of these talks.
Like it’s funny because it’s kind of like the steely. Self-therapy therapy recording. What do you mean kind of listen to Steli do self-therapy and Rameen forget to click the record pop. That’s pretty much what you’re hearing, but I get so much out of it. So I’m glad that you’re getting the therapy benefits without the work of the therapy. I’m glad, I’m glad that I’m able to give you that,
you know, work done for you. You don’t have to do exactly. This is a sort of thing that rich people should be able to do now, like, you know, back in the day where you could just pay people to go to heaven, no matter how much of a terrible yeah. You know, despicable person, you were, why can’t we be so rich today where we just pay others to do therapy.
And we just, you know, through their therapy, we just feel better about our [00:37:00] lives. I like that. If you’re interested in that, you can sign up with a signup page. It’s a 5k deposit and you’ll be placed on the waiting list for the not self therapy. But, Do you know, clouds or not cloud crowd therapy. Now we have the, to have a good name.
I don’t have a good name for this yet. I kind of liked the phrasing of like in a work done for you. Right. You don’t have to do that, but we need a cooler brand. Maybe it’s zero therapy. No cell therapy, zero and then below it’s in a work done for you. It’s 0 cents with zero effort on your part.
Easy peasy. Okay. Right, man. All right. Boom. Talk to you later.

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