How the Crushing Weight of My Expectations Made Me Wanna Quit on Life

Ever wake up and think of all the things you gotta do, and it just destroys you? I can’t tell you how many times I woke up feeling miserable because of everything I’d have to tackle on that day. In my younger years, it would actually make me cancel everything and fall into a depression. Later I learned to willpower my way through my responsibilities, no matter how I felt about it, and that was a great step forward. But if you do that for too long, it eventually eats up your soul. You become very good at what you’re doing, but you’re also disconnecting from yourself. When the first thing you do every day is suppressing your feelings about what you will do today, you lose touch with yourself, and the longer you do this, the higher the price you eventually pay for it.

Today, I tried something different. A very simple tweak that made a huge difference—I’ll talk about that in today’s episode.

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