Next Level Anger Management: Appreciating My Inner Truth Teller

I’ve spent a good amount of time over the past 2 years working on the anger that I thought I didn’t have. And for the most part, I thought that I was good by now—I felt I had a good relationship with my anger. Until something unexpected happened: I got angry, and I hid it (even from myself). And then my jaw started to get painfully tense again, and it wouldn’t relax. I started to work on it, tried all kinds of techniques that I have in my anger management toolbox, thought I had resolved the underlying issue—but my jaw still was tense. Ultimately, I learned that there was something for me to learn which I wasn’t ready for, and I would never have uncovered, if it wasn’t for my anger and its physiological manifestation, the tense jaw. It took a couple of days of inner work, which wasn’t pleasant, but in hindsight, I’m incredibly grateful for the lesson learned.

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