Intimate art, loving playfulness, and my secret guitar

A few weeks ago, I ordered a guitar. I spent most of my teenage years chasing the dream of becoming the world’s best guitarist, practicing all day, every day… until one day when I realized I’d never become the greatest. And from that day on, I’ve—with a few rare exceptions—never touched a guitar again.

Until THIS day. When I held this guitar, it felt magical: the beginning of an intimate, private love affair, a holy communion, a secret bond between me and my guitar.

In the first part of the episode, I talk about another nascent love of mine: sailing. I’ve been wanting to learn sailing for a long time, and my first actual sailing lesson was quite sobering. The first 20 minutes of this episode is dedicated to this, but the tldr is: it wasn’t much fun. If you wanna go directly to the magic guitar moment, skip to minute 20.

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