What makes you come alive at work? A purpose-finding exercise

What’s the driving force that keeps you excited, motivated, and makes you come alive?

This is not always an easy question to answer, but in this episode I share a simple way of uncovering your purpose at work.

Think about the last 3 months. What were some of the best moments you’ve had at work? The moments you were most alive, most excited, most inspired? And what do these moments have in common?

For me personally, at the time when I recorded this video, the answer was change and growth.

First, it’s when I myself change. When I change what I believe, when I change how I act and think, because that’s when I grow.

Every year, I review the year that has passed, and I ask myself: How have I changed? How have I grown? If I think back to the version of myself I was one year ago—do I think that version was a total idiot, that version of myself was completely wrong?

If the answer is yes, then that’s actually pretty exciting to me. But if the answer is no, I feel devastated, because I’ve basically just wasted a year without learning anything meaningful, where I had no true growth.

The other thing that really excites me and makes me come alive is when I can help others change and grow, when I can get them to take action.

What’s the driving force that makes you come alive at work? Take some time to reflect and go really deep on this question. Maybe you’ve done this a few years ago and you have an idea—and if that’s the case, then challenge yourself and ask: “Do these answers still feel true to me, or am I just repeating my older self, and there’s actually something else that brings me alive today?”

Reflect on your best moments this year and see how you can create more of that, how you can honor and bring out more of your true authentic self and share it with the world.

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